This week/next week

This week’s learning

This week in maths we have been continuing with place value, looking at Roman numerals. We had great fun working out important dates from history that had been written in Roman numerals. We also looked at problem solving, and the strategies we need to tackle word problems.

In literacy we have been continuing reading The Iron Man, and are currently in the middle of planning a diary entry from the perspective of Hogarth.

Our grammar focus this week was sentences, looking at the difference between a phrase and a clause.

In project we looked at photos of school from over 100 years ago, and discussed how the school has changed.

In art we experimented with different pencils and lines, learning how to add texture to basic drawings.

Next Week

Next week in math we will be mental addition and subtraction – things such as adding with decimals, finding change from amounts. This is something you can practice when out and about! Help your parents work out how much different items in the shops will cost when added together, and how much change you can expect when you pay. 

In grammar our focus will be coordinating conjunctions, looking at how we can use them to make our writing more interesting.

In literacy we will be continuing with The Iron Man, finishing our diaries and learning about descriptive writing.

In project we will be learning about how The Blitz affected our local area, and we will be starting to bring together all the facts we have learned over the last two weeks in preparation for making presentations in Computing.



Spellings W.C. 03.10.16

This week we are looking at common homophones. Can you think of any more homophones? Comment below!



A massive well done to 5RG for setting the standard with PE kit today! Almost everybody came in with the perfect kit, which is wonderful to see for our first lesson. Mrs Taylor was very impressed and came to our lesson to congratulate us!

A reminder to parents that PE kit is a white Rosendale t shirt, plain dark shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers. Children must bring kit in in a bag to leave in the classroom rather than come in in their PE kit as they may have done previously. It is fine for children to use the trainers they wear to school.

PE days are Monday and Friday.



Our Values

We’ve had a great start to year five this week. We’ve spent the last three days getting to know our teams and new teacher, and discussing school rules, routines and values to help us prepare for the year ahead.

Today in class and in assembly we discussed our five school values that can be seen displayed in the reception area. These are Excite, Cooperate, Welcome, Challenge, Understand.

We talked about how these values are seen around school and in the wider world. Next week we will be making posters about people we feel represent these values. We have been set a challenge for the weekend – to come in on Monday with a suggestion of one person – dead or alive, famous or someone we know, that represents one of these values.

Examples that came up today were Nelson Mandela for working towards cooperation in South Africa, David Bowie for bringing something fresh and exciting to the music scene and Olympic athletes for challenging themselves.

We spent this afternoon working in our teams on our cooperation skills, designing collages to put up in our classroom that represent the school values. Below is our finished work!