Our Values

We’ve had a great start to year five this week. We’ve spent the last three days getting to know our teams and new teacher, and discussing school rules, routines and values to help us prepare for the year ahead.

Today in class and in assembly we discussed our five school values that can be seen displayed in the reception area. These are Excite, Cooperate, Welcome, Challenge, Understand.

We talked about how these values are seen around school and in the wider world. Next week we will be making posters about people we feel represent these values. We have been set a challenge for the weekend – to come in on Monday with a suggestion of one person – dead or alive, famous or someone we know, that represents one of these values.

Examples that came up today were Nelson Mandela for working towards cooperation in South Africa, David Bowie for bringing something fresh and exciting to the music scene and Olympic athletes for challenging themselves.

We spent this afternoon working in our teams on our cooperation skills, designing collages to put up in our classroom that represent the school values. Below is our finished work!











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