This week/next week

This week in class has been a very busy one indeed!

The highlight of the week was going down to Elmgreen Secondary School to listen to the author David O’Doherty give some rather funny commentaries about what things can be dangerous and talk about how he got in to writing from a young age.   I hope the children were inspired to read and write more!
In Maths this week we have been learning about using mental methods to do different addition and subtractions, which can be very useful when going to the shops and trying to work out change! We also moved on to adding and subtracting decimals.  For example 5.5 – 2.3 is quite easy as we can just subtract the 2 from the 5 and then the 0.3 from the 0.5 to get 3.2.  There were also some trickier ones such as 6.7 – 3.9 which you would need to use a number line for as you can’t automatically take away 0.9 from 0.7.
In Literacy we have been writing a diary entry as Hogarth when he sees The Iron Man for the first time.  It begins with him being calm and peaceful, fishing and builds up to him feeling like something is watching him and then seeing the Iron Man emerge over the cliff top.  The children wrote some brilliant diary entries, imagining what Hogarth must have felt at the time.
In Project we have begun our final piece of work bringing together all the knowledge we have learned about the local area as well as the school in to a presentation.  These will be on display on the last day of half term for parents to come and view!
Next week in class…
Maths – using our knowledge of mental addition and subtraction to problem solve
Literacy – to write a descriptive piece of writing
Project – continuing with our presentations
Have a restful weekend everyone!

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