Invite to Write – short story

Use this line somewhere a your short story:

‘Peering over the edge, I saw…’

Things to think about:

Where are you? The edge of what?
What has happened just before this to take you to the edge?
What is about to happen?
What can you see? What is ‘it’ doing? What does it sound/smell like?

Remember to write a draft version before putting your story on the blog.

Once you have done a draft, write your story in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Invite to Write – short story

  1. Holly

    I have learnt column addition and column subtraction and I can do five and six and four digit numbers if I challenge my
    Self to seven digit numbers I can’t do it it is to hard.


  2. Thomas

    In Norfolk,I was peering over the edge of a vast cliff. Just a few moments ago my dog had slipped off the cliff. My dog had somehow grabbed onto a branch which was jutting out out the cliff. My dog smelt of fleas.I grabbed onto his wrist and pulled him up. Phew that was close


  3. Eimear

    Once upon a time ,there lived two brothers who were twins. These twins were called Jack and Jim. Jack and Jim had a little sister called Jill. Jill felt left out and sad because Jack and Jim kept running off without her but one day Jill wanted a change . She told her brothers she wanted to be like them. Her brothers laughed . Jim asked Jill if she was joking,she shook her head and ran of crying.

    The next day, Jack came up to Jill and told her “If you want to be like us then you have to do a dare!”.Jill agreed . So later on they told her she needed to jump of a clif . Jill nodded.

    Peering over the edge, Jiil took a giant leap . She started to fall very fast . All of a sudden her brothers herd a crash . Jill was dead…


  4. George

    Peering over the edge, I saw a giant monster in the tiny little stream. It nearly was as big as the stream! I had no idea what was going on. Should I go and warn the people in the town, the monster might heart us. The is a chance it could be nice. Nevertheless, I should warn the people. They could call the police and the fire brigade.

    I sprinted to the people. “MONSTER!” I shouted “AAAAAAAH” “Kill it, kill it kill it” they chanted, “No it could be nice “. Soon there was a mob of people. Soon the monster was taken down.


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