Invite to write – space talk

We have been learning about forces in science, and had some interesting discussions about gravity and what it’s like in space.

Watch the videos below and comment with either a fact you know about gravity, or a question for the astronaut about what it is like trying to live without gravity.



Spellings W.C. 28.11.16

Below are this week’s spellings. Use a dictionary to check the meaning of any that you are unsure of.


This week by Thomas and Lois

This week in maths we have been learning about dividing and multipling by powers of 10. We have done this before so the class were quite confident. In the independent work we did dividing and multipling powers of 10 by numbers from two decimal place. 

On Thursday and Friday we did long multiplication which most of the class found tricky to start with as very few people had done this before. We started doing two digits times one digit and then three digits times by one digit.

In Literacy, we had a supply teacher on Wednesday and we did a drawing and we made a Lost poster inspired by the book called The Lost Thing.

On Tuesday we went on a school trip the Sydenham Woods were we climbed trees, built dens and did lots of other awesome things such as games. 

What a week!

We’ve packed in lots of learning this week, but the most exciting thing we want to share is that the BBC came to film us in class!

BBC World Service’s Life Hacks wanted to find out more about ReflectEd and metacognition. They filmed us learning about “perfect practice” and talked to us about how learning to juggling is helping us become better learners.

Watch this space to find out when we’ll be on TV and the radio!

As well as becoming TV stars this week, we also finished writing our Autumn poems. We’ll be learning them ready to perform on camera later this week and will be putting films on the blog.

Don#t forget it’s our forest school trip on Tuesday!




This week in literacy we have been studying Autumn poem, bringing in our own to share with the class. We loved this one by Winifred C Marshall. Can you spot the personification? 

If you have any Autumn or nature  poems at home or find any on the internet you like please. Ring in to share next week.

Weekly round up

We’ve had a fantastic first week back, making good use of the beautiful Autumn landscape to inspire us in English. We’ve started writing Autumn poems, and will be finishing them next week and performing them to put on the blog.

In maths we revisited rounding and tackled some word problems. Next week we will be looking at mental strategies for multiplication and division.

In project we started Sex and Relationships Education. If children have any questions about what they have learned in the lesson, they can write them down and pop them in the postbox in their classroom. We also encourage children to talk to parents at home about what has been covered in the lesson.

Home Learning

Learning spellings

Practicing 7x table for test on Friday

Commenting on “Invite To Write” blog posts.