Cake Sale Tomorrow!

Year Five are having a cake sale tomorrow! Please leave any donations in the office.

Don’t forget to stop by the blue hut to get yourself a treat!


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Our learning this week – by Kyle and Finlay 

his week has been great for learning. We have been learning lots in maths ,literacy and science. This week we have started reading a fascinating book called the Un-forgotten coat. It’s about a boy from Mongolia who argues with a teacher. We wrote diaries as him. 

In maths we started learning about fractions. So far we have done equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering. It was tricky at first but after while we got it. 

In PE we started learning about dance. We also did a cool science experiment about friction, using our shoes. 

Our learning this week – by Celso and Edith

This week in math we did line graphs and started reading timetables.        

This week in English ( writing ) we planned and wrote poems about red . There will be two examples at the end .

In art this week  we drew portraits of our face partner as a cold task.At the end there will be portraits of our face partner that we drew after learning skills, so we can compare them.