Invite to write – w.c. 09.11.16

Last week you wrote some wonderful poems about the colour red.

Can you use what you learned to write a short poem about another colour?

What does white feel like? What does blue smell like?

Write your poem in the comments below.


Image result for all things blue Image result for all things yellow

Image result for green grass


3 thoughts on “Invite to write – w.c. 09.11.16

  1. Thomas

    Silver glints like a shimmery star. It is the colour of confidence and battle raging between two sides. From above a war is a huge beam of light. It will shine and reflect beams of light for the rest of human life.


  2. Monet

    Blue feels like the swish of the sea,
    Blue sounds like the wave from the sea,
    Blue lookes like the blue sky,
    Blue tastes like cold water,
    Blue smells like salt in the sea,
    Blue acts like a winter storm at night.💦


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