Invite to write: Ancient Egypt

This term we’ve started a new project – Ancient Egypt!

The teachers in year five would like to know what you already know about the subject, and also any burning questions you have that we can help answer. Post your facts and questions below!

Image result for google images ancient egypt


8 thoughts on “Invite to write: Ancient Egypt

    1. Otto

      I fact they wurrshiped them. Also they pulled there organs out of their noses!!! After the macidonions ( just north of Greece,) became civilised there great leader Alexander the Great concerned much of Greece and then founded lots of city’s in Egypt and also learned a great lot about them.


  1. ruby

    Ancient Egyptians lived in 3500BC. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids and a pyramid takes over 500 bricks!. In Egypt they worship cats. Ancient Egyptians ended in 30BC. All ancient Egyptians wore loads of makeup including the men!. When an ancient Egyptian dies they would get their guts taken out and then buried with all of their possessions and slaves!. The rich Egyptians ate food like bread grapes and meat but the poor egyptians ate gross food


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