Invite to write: Science Week

What did you enjoy most about science week?  What was your favourite experiment?  What was the most interesting thing you learned?  Do you have any scientific questions about the world around us?


7 thoughts on “Invite to write: Science Week

  1. Eimear

    I really enjoyed the balloon experiment because it grew and grew without anyone blowing it up. What chemicals will make a mini explosion?🎈


  2. Otto

    My favourite part of science week was when we did the spaghetti challenge because I liked making towers only out of marshmallows and spaghetti. I would also like to know what chemicals make a small bomb.


  3. Indy

    I really liked the one with the balloon because when we put the bicarbonate soda in the vinegar the balloon just grew and grew.😂😂. It was so much fun !!!!!!


  4. Felix

    I really enjoyed doing the ballon experiment with the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar because it was really exciting but I really want to do a bigger explosion and I would like to find out the reasoning of the chemical reaction💥💥💥


  5. Monet

    I loved the balloon one because it grow bigger and bigger just with some vinegar and something else that I had forgotten but it was a shame we did not get to try it ourselves and that would of been cool🎈🎈


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