Broadcasting business 

As part of #rosendalemediaweek17 year five have been learning about what makes a good radio package. We were lucky enough to have BBC World Service producer Tim Allen come in to talk to us about his experiences and share with us what it takes to make a radio show. We’ll be putting his tips to good use later this week when we make our own broadcasts. 


Next week will be our second Rosendale Media Week. The theme this year is “bringing stories to life” and the children will be creating articles for the school magazine and multimedia content themed around the books in Rosendale Book Club.

We will be looking at how stories are brought to life using different media, such as animation, film, radio and digital art.
In our class we will be making podcasts using the radio studio.
We also have some very exciting visitors coming to school from one of the most famous story tellers, Disney.
You can follow the action on twitter by searching for #rosendalemediaweek17 and checking our class blog.
The school magazine, Rosendale Voice, will be out at the end of the summer term. It will be jam packed with lots of fabulous writing and art, as well as links to all the multimedia content we make next week.

Spellings W.C. 18/04/2017

We are now doing two lists of spellings. Children have been told in class which list to focus on for the week, however they are welcome to learn both lists and do both tests if they would like the challenge.

List A



List B



Coming up next term…

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter holidays and gets a well earned rest.

We have a very exciting summer term coming up in year five.

In literacy we’ll be doing two weeks of poetry,  starting with haikus.

In project we’ll be continuing with climate change, looking at causes and what we can do as individuals and a community to tackle it.

In maths we’ll be doing shape, starting with geometry and angles. If you’d like to brush up over the holidays, check out the video below!


Climate change – what can we do?

Yesterday we had Dr Hugh Hunt, a professor at Cambridge University, come to speak to all Year 5 about the impact of climate change and what we can do about it. The children found it fascinating, and it has hopefully inspired the students with our topic. We learned about the causes of climate change, why cow’s farts matter and what we can do about it

Here are some videos of the talk.

Were there any questions that weren’t answered for you? Comment below, or even better, try to find out yourself over the holidays and share!