Coming up next term…

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter holidays and gets a well earned rest.

We have a very exciting summer term coming up in year five.

In literacy we’ll be doing two weeks of poetry,  starting with haikus.

In project we’ll be continuing with climate change, looking at causes and what we can do as individuals and a community to tackle it.

In maths we’ll be doing shape, starting with geometry and angles. If you’d like to brush up over the holidays, check out the video below!



Climate change – what can we do?

Yesterday we had Dr Hugh Hunt, a professor at Cambridge University, come to speak to all Year 5 about the impact of climate change and what we can do about it. The children found it fascinating, and it has hopefully inspired the students with our topic. We learned about the causes of climate change, why cow’s farts matter and what we can do about it

Here are some videos of the talk.

Were there any questions that weren’t answered for you? Comment below, or even better, try to find out yourself over the holidays and share!


Walking the line…

Today in PE we had a go on a slack line to get an idea of what it would be like for Philippe Petit to two walk between the two towers. We’re using The Man Who Walked Between the Towers as inspiration for literacy this week. Check out the photos below of our experience – not quite as dangerous perhaps!

Weekly round up

We’ve had an action packed week in 5RG, and could all do with a well earned rest over the weekend!

In maths we started decimals, looking at place value and rounding.

In literacy we started our new book – The Man Who Walked Between The Towers. We learned facts about the Twin Towers in New York and what happened to them, and wrote our own facts in our writing books.

In art we finished our portraits, which will be exhibited in school soon!

In project we started making our own pharaoh masks, which will be decorating our classroom by the end of next week.